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Hot Tools ION CERAMIC Digital Anti-Static 1875 Watt Hair Dryer - 1031

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Fast-drying ion + ceramic gentle far-infrared heat
Digital touchpad controls

Hot Tools ion dryers feature:
Faster drying and increased moisture absorption - Negative ions break apart water droplets so they can be dried faster or absorbed by hair. Hair cuticles are smoother, more light-reflective, shinier, and frizz is eliminated.
Direct ION TECHNOLOGY - Patented technology maximizes the benefits of ion drying by injecting a high volume of ions into the air stream, depositing them directly onto the hair.

Professional Feature:
ION + CERAMIC technologies for faster drying, reduced frizz and shinier, better-conditioned appearance
Digital readout of heat and airflow
Electronic controls "memorize" last heat and speed position so you don't have to re-set them when turning on the dryer
Cool shot
Powerful 1875 watts with high airflow
Ion switch lets you use dryer with or without ions
Removable lint filter with better design - no breakable tabs or snaps
Pik and concentrator attachments
8 - ft. power cord
ProGuard safety plug with test and reset features for immersion shock protection
One-year warranty