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One n Only Thermal Ionic Permanent Hair Straightener


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Permanently straightens curly, frizzy hair

Leaves hair healthy-looking and shiny

Hair stays smooth

Conair by Jheri Redding One 'n Only Thermal Ionic Permanent Hair Straightener is a permanent, thermal reconditioning, ionic straightening system.

Conair One 'n Only Thermal Ionic Permanent Straightener is also known as the "Japanease Hair Straightening" or "Thermal Reconditioning" system because of Conair's revolutionary thermal ionic straightening formula.

Thermal Ionic, in Conair One N Only formula, reconditions hair and restructures the cuticle so your hair lies flat and straight permanently, with a brilliant, silky, shine! Comes in 3 formulas:

Normal Formula: For use on healthy, virgin hair or hair previously colored with semi or demi permanent hair colors, processed with less than 20 volume peroxide.

Resistant Formula: For use on coarse, resistant virgin hair, or resistant hair that has been color-treated using semi permanent, demi permanent or no-lift permanent hair color.

Tinted / Highlighted / Bleached Forumula: For use on hair previously colored with permanent hair color processed with 20 volume or greater peroxide, bleached or double-processed hair.

Thermal Ionic Permanent Straightener is basically a three-step hair system designed to permanently straighten naturally curly, wavy or frizzy hair.

There are 3 basic steps in Conair One 'n Only Thermal

Ionic Permanent Hair Straightener:

I. The first step, after washing and conditioning the hair, is to treat the hair with Thermal Ionic Step 1 Lotion. This processing lotion softens the curl by relieving the internal stresses of the hair.

II. The second step thermally reconstructs the hair into the new straight configuration. This is accomplished by pressing the hair with a hot ceramic flat iron maintained at 170°–230°C.

III. The third and final step is the treatment of the hair with the Step 2 Neutralizer. This step permanently locks the hair into a "pin-straight" configuration.

The hair remains permanently straight until it is cut off or permed. However, the new growth will be curly and a retouch straightening service will be required after 6–8 months, depending on the rate of hair growth and the degree of curliness of the new growth.

With Conair One 'n Only Thermal Ionic Permanent Hair Straightener, the hair will be permanently "pin-straight", frizz-free, silky soft and and unbelievable shiny. The hair will be in better condition after the treatment than before. This treatment minimizes static and fly-aways and does away with "bad hair days". The permanently straightened hair will dramatically reduce at-home maintenance time.